The DSH exam (German language examination for university entrance) is a language exam on an advanced level. It comprises the levels B2 to C2 (corresponding to DSH1 to DSH3) and is a proof of language skills for university admission that is accepted by all universites in Germany. In this course you will learn

  • to communicate spontaneously and fluently, so that a normal conversation with a German native speaker will usually proceed without any problems,
  • to user German language variably and efficiently in the course of your traning resp. study,
  • to understand comtemporary literary prose texts as well as aticles and stories about present-day problems,
  • to understand challenging scientific texts and conceive their implicit significances,
  • to participate in discussions actively and thereby explain resp. defend your own theses,
  • to get your points across in regard to topical subjects and complex issues both by writing and word of mouth as well as explain arguments and counterarguments,
  • to summarise information from written and verbal sources as well as recite reasons and explanations in coherent descriptions,
  • to recognise and use more subtle shades of meaning.

The DSH exam can be taken at all German universities. The examination dates vary, depending on the university. If you want to find out the exact dates, please contact the university at which you plan to study.