The TestDaF exam (exam German as a foreign language) is a language exam on an advanced level. It comprises the levels B2 to C1 and is a proof of language skills for university admission that is accepted by all universities in Germany. In this course you will learn

  • to infer important information from various short texts,
  • to understand details and general messages of journalistic and scientific texts, which are concerned with scientific or sociopolitical issues,
  • to discern detailed information in everyday situations,
  • to follow interviews and rounds of talks about study-oriented or general scientific subjects,
  • to understand lectures about scientific topics,
  • to write personal, well-structured and understandable texts and to state arguments,
  • to descrbe and summarise facts and compare them with each other,
  • to take a reasoned stand in discussions and conversations, weigh alternatives and construct hypotheses.

The TestDaF exam can be taken at Goethe Institutes, DAAD seminaries, universities or language schools. At the moment there are about 990 examination centres in 80 countries. You can find an examination centre in your proximity on the website of the TestDaF Institute.